Anastasia Richardson a country/pop singer/songwriter from Tulsa, OK. Her mission is simple to change the world one song at a time. Her new single, "All About Loving You" has charted  over 6 weeks on DRT Global Digital Top 200  #157, over 6 weeks on DRT Global Digital Independent Chart, #60 and over 3 weeks on DRT Global Digital County Chart, #49, Top 40 Joyce Ramgatie International  Country Charts, #21, Top 200 Joyce Ramgatie Country Artist list (Oct 17, 2017), #62, Netherlands most Radio downloads (weeks 46) #23 and

Her next single "Daddy's Girl"

Anastasia has over 118K followers on Twitter and 50K followers on Instagram. Anastasia is collaborating with award-winning UK artist James SB Richardson (the same surname not related) bring awareness to mental health and bullying.


On Anastasia first album she wrote “Where Would We Be” currently ranked in three national digital music charts, #16 in The Rock Chart,  #25 in the Contemporary Chart and #37 in the Independent Artist charts. “The Veterans give so much to us. I wanted to write a special song for them. Another song she wrote is “I Am Beautiful” after she was bullied in school which has also crossed over three different national digital music charts, #17 in the Independent Artist chart, #46 in the Hip Hop/R&B charts and #47 the Rock Charts.  
Her music is influenced by many up-and-coming performers, including Australian pop singer, Cody Simpson, YouTube sensation, Austin Mahone, The X Factor's One Direction along with seasoned performers like Taylor Swift, Amy Grant,  Jason Aldean and The Band Perry.  Naturally musically inclined, she's a member of her high school band where she plays clarinet and performs with her school choir. She's self-taught piano, guitar, electric guitar, drums, and banjo. "Music is everything to me, it's what makes me breath!"
Anastasia has performed in contests, local festivals, state fairs and private events around Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas. Most recently performed in Oklahoma’s semi-final for the Country Showdown.  Her first album released March 15, 2015. She is currently working on her second album to be release fall of 2017. With over 113,200 followers on twitter, she’s looking forward touring around the country sharing her music with her fans. She loves to inspire people with her music.


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Message from Anastasia:

Please watch and share my video with everyone you know and together we change the world for the better!

"I Am Beautiful"

FAFSA Tulsa Commercial

Featuring Anastasia

"Where Would We Be"

Oklahoma Up Close