how to play the drums by some of her marching band friends. She says, "I have made a lot of my best frieds in band."

  Academically, Anastasia has alwasys been a good student. However, she was struggling to keep up her good greades, so her parents turned to the Huntington Learning Center for tutoring.

  Huntington owner, Brian Younger says, "We do an extensive academic evaluation for our students to determine their academic strengths and weaknesses. We worked with Anastasia and her family to develop an individualized tutoring program that proveded her with academic strategies to hlep her succeed."

  Dale says, "Through Huntington, Anastasia has become more independent and now ranks 15th in her class of 304.

  In addition to her studies and music, Anastasiais involved with Edison High School's National Honor Society. the club recently gathered clothing and raised more than $2,100 for Tulsa's homeless and needy children. She says, " It's sad to see children without food and clothing, so i decided to help and give them more hope in their life."

  It's no surprise that band and choir are her fovrite cubjects, but she also likes Biology. Anastasia would like to go to the University of Oklahoma to study music, vocals, or music history. She is also interested in the vocal performance program at California State University, Los Angeles.

  the acting bug has also bit the young starlet. Her family has created a new television show based on a mix of 'redneck' and 'whitetrash' characters, Simon Paige Productions has filmed a pilot of the comedy sitcom called Red Trash Society which is being shopped to networks. Anastasia will be one of the fetured people in the show.

  Anastasia is ready for the challenge ahead of her and looks forward to the future. The young star says, " If you work hard and have a lot of fun along the way, then the sky is the limit!"