Oct 18, 2017
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Tulsa, OK

UK Artist Collaborates with US Songwriter to Bring Awareness Mental Health

The universe has collided and the result of this BIG BANG is James SB Richardson and Anastasia.

Neither are related, but both are artists. James, a newly famous painter was revealed to the world on BBC television this past May.

James has hidden his art work from the public for the last 25 years, and is now being compared to Van Gogh.

Anastasia, a young rising musician, is currently charting in Australia, and plans a European tour early next year.

They came together in a very unique way, which will show the world that over-coming adversity has its true rewards.

The result is a music video that will incorporates both artists separate journeys, with James “Horses and Hearts” painting making its debut in Anastasia’s music video with the same name.

Both artists have yet to meet each other, but their common goal will champion the underdog.


James SB Richardson

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Susan Dale


Award Winning UK artist unveils painting he created for US singer/songwriter

Tulsa, OK USA - Oct 10th, 2017 at 2 pm CST at ike’s Chili (1503 E 11th st, Tulsa, OK 74120)

Anastasia a singer/songwriter from Tulsa, OK new song is the focus of a new painting created by abstract artist James SB Richardson from Bristol, England. At 2 pm James will unveil his Masterpiece he created for Anastasia new song, “Horses and Hearts”. Anastasia will be joining this event by Skype from Tulsa, OK.

Anastasia- "It's hard to believe that 6 years ago I turned to music to help me deal with the pain when I was bullied and now my song has been turned into a painting.”

James SB Richardson -Art is in my veins and soul, it runs through my body, down my arms to my finger tips and bares all on canvas. It's honest art, raw, surreal and at times deep. That makes me a people's artist not an artist for the people. Art that warms the soul of the people looking at it, not art that's soul aim is to take their money. I have been an artist for 25 years, and until March 2017 not a single person knew I was a secret artist, family, friends, no one, due to anxiety driven by OCD. After receiving therapy 2017,  it was suggested in March this year to show the world my art as it would be an injustice not too. I entered arts for all competition in the UK and came first. Since then I am utterly humbled by the pace of world interest, I have been live on the Radio, I have been on BBC Television I have had my art auctioned, my first exhibition in one of Britain's most iconic theatre's, I have been interviewed on Freeview television, my art has been auctioned for considerable amounts, and I’m followed by A-list celebrities, my journey gets bigger and more exciting every day. Welcome to my life. Welcome to my journey.



Anastasia and James SB Richardson are now working together in using their talents together in bring awareness to mental health and the bullying epidemic.

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For more information contact:
Susan Dale

Donated to The Freedom Girls Foundation. All donation will help bring the painting to the US.