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Anastasia's Campaign



"No Not Me" (Formally Known as Music is LIFE)- An Anti-Bullying Campaign.


The money raised in this campaign will be used to bring specialist to youth groups to talk about why bullying needs to stop. It will also provide scholarships to victims for speciality summer camps like Jump Start

Anastasia wrote, "I am Beautiful" her anti-bullying song.


Some Facts:

1 in 4 kids in the United States are being bullied.160,000 kids stay home from school everyday out of fear of being bullied.


75% of all school shootings have been directly related to harassment/bullying.


The opposite of bullying is Friendship and Love. As long as we help our friends in good times and challenging ones, we are not alone. While we can't fully erase bullying we can commit to being better friends to each other and ourselves.


Freedom Campaign.

The money in this campaign will be used to support different veteran's groups and to restoring Veteran's Memorials.


Anastasia wrote, "Where Would We Be" to honor the men and women that fight for our Freedom.



ANASTASIA wants to change the world with her music. She wrote two special songs on her first album, "I am Beautiful" and "Where Would We Be" to support her campaigns. Part of the process of each album will be donated equally between these two campaigns.


Please join Anastasia in this journey by adding your support and dedicating your dollars to this amazing campaign.


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The Freedom Girls Foundation

501c-3 non-profit


Donations can also be mailed to

The Freedom Girls Foundation

c/o No Not Me Campaign

5103 South Sheridan Road #712

Tulsa, OK 74135